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The Most Popular Colors to Paint Your Home in 2018

The Most Popular Colors to Paint Your Home in 2018

With the start of 2018, idea of refreshing your home paint color may spice up your whole theme of living. New trendy colors can make you feel that you are really living a new time. So replace your home paint with some bold and modern colors that will add some spark to your living.

As refurnishing and recoloring has always been tough and challenging, so here we are providing you a style guide of trendy colors of 2018. All you need to do is to take a look at the ideas that are given below.

Hot hues and calm classic shades with some attachments in furnishing will surely help you fill your mind with creative ideas.

Black is Bold & Always in Style

Black, 90 percent of people’s favorite color; but earlier, love for this edgy hue was limited as mostly we use to think black in our clothing and accessories. But now when we are living in modern 2018, why not to paint our spaces in Black. You might’ve noticed that black never gone out of fashion—everything from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens are being outfitted with this mysterious hue, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Below you can see some ideas how you can use this shade to add a magical spice to your spaces.


black color paint 2018

Shades of Green; Your Eco Friendly Gesture

Green is not only a sign of sophistication but also reflects your love for nature. As we are living on a green planet we also should add this shade to our spaces. As earth facing a threat of Global Warming, we may add this calming color to show our positive side towards nature. It’s a better time when we really should put these soothing hues of green to calm our senses. Collect the ideas how you may add this refreshment to your main sitting spaces, lounges and central rooms.

green paint 2018

Gray; Hint of Cool

When you want to add an extra hint of cool, you can’t go wrong with this hot hue.While adding the shade of Gray to your space, whether a stony purple-gray or cool blue-gray, you can rest assured that you’ll be blending one of the hottest hues around.What we love most about gray, in all its forms, is that it’s a refreshing take on a neutral color as well as they’re versatile enough to complement pretty much any space they’re in. Below are some ideas with this shade that will create a tranquil to your spaces.

gray paint 2018

Red & Berries; Aesthetic Infinity

From bright strawberry red to berry pink to blueberry inspired color shades may bring all kinds of vibrant cheers to your spaces in the upcoming season. The beauty in this color is its versatility. Bolder style sensibilities may choose its bright red hue to strike their style statement whereas a raspberry hue may add increased warmth to your aesthetic. If you are ready to make this striking style to your walls, you may collect ideas from below given images.

red paint 2018

Sunshine Yellow; A Bright hue to Motivate You

Sometimes we all need a push to get up in the morning and colors have a talent for making you feel inspired and motivated. Bright yellow or sunshine yellow shades have enough ability to stimulate you. If you are finding for some color to brighten up your spaces then here your search ends at this vitalizing hue. You may also add an adventure to this shade by pairing it with Black and Goldenrod combination. Down here are some beautiful ideas.

yellow paint 2018

All the Shades of Blue; Cool Electrifying Hues

Though coming season will have much importance for updated neutrals, doesn’t mean that electrifying colors will not make space for them. Where Dark & Bold Blue color will help you to enhance your space, then Sky Blue light shade will add a bright light spark to your lounges. Below here are some ideas about adding this hue to your home.

blue color paint 2018

Hope this color guide will help you to enhance your entire spaces in 2018. You may select which color may be added to the Lounges and which shade will be suitable for your Kitchen and Bathroom. As well as this article will also help you to choose a right hue for your Bedrooms.


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