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The question of what sets one realtor apart from another can seem difficult to answer. On the surface one assumes they are all licensed, all have the requisite background for the tasks at hand, and all care about the work that they do and the people for whom they work. When skimming through the local papers, magazines, websites etc, there is an absolute abundance of real estate “professionals” who claim to be the most caring, the most honest, the most forthright and the most knowledgeable about the real estate market and the clients who hire them to buy, sell or lease real estate. I am different than most and have a background which is far more complex and holistic than others, enabling me to suggest that I provide the better client care, service and results that is in the top tier of real estate professionals.

My educational background includes a Master’s degree in International Relations and Economics, which provided me with a fundamental understanding of domestic and international economics, finance and politics. My work experience enabled by my education included 25 years in global wholesale banking, including time with CIBC World Markets, TD Securities and with the Swiss banking giant Union Bank of Switzerland. Following my departure from that field of work, I transitioned into my current career as a real estate professional where I can utilize the knowledge, skills and personal qualities which allowed me to be so successful throughout my working life.

Do you ask what your realtor will do for you before, during and after the sale of your home, or the purchase of a new one? Do you ask detailed questions about what is actually included? When your realtor says we “market” your home, does that mean a For Sale sign on the front lawn, a picture in the local paper or something far more extensive, as I provide. When your realtor visits your property for the first time, does he or she provide you with the best information and recommendations about how to optimally prepare your home for sale or do they choose to gloss over, just to get the house on the market quickly? Does your realtor provide a free staging consultation? Do they pay or do you? And who pays for the staging? Does your realtor provide you access to other professionals who can help you in that journey?

A client must be able to communicate with their realtor, feel relaxed, have confidence in their ability to perform the required tasks, and provide a seamless experience that removes as much of the stress as possible from what is likely your largest transaction, involving your biggest investment.
I am excited about meeting new clients, remaining connected to past clients, and being a well regarded resource to those who have questions about real estate. I thrive on the challenge of providing quality service and outstanding results to my clients, and welcome the opportunity to serve.


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Here’s what my past clients have said about working with me.

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I think your guidance and aid in staging our home helped a great deal in a timely sale. Chris and Jacqueline first came to our house with info about what was happening in the neighbourhood with real estate. We were interested but not wanting to sell at that time. We asked that Chris keep us informed about the market over the winter which he did.
In the spring we decided to sell. Chris and Jacqueline immediately arrived at our door with info about the steps necessary to move forward with the sale of our home. They listened to our concerns and always kept us informed.

- Sue Hannah and Stu Cochrane