Estate Sales Management: Connecting you with those who can help.

Downsizing and De-Cluttering Services

  • Meeting with family to discuss the removal/disposing of home contents.
  • Determination of the most appropriate method to dispose of items.
  • Organization for the sale, donation or removal of home contents as per executor instructions; liquidation as per plan
  • Packing of belongings as required, arrange for delivery as per executor instructions.
  • Preparation of new home and make it Move-in Ready
  • Hiring and supervision of movers to transfer belongings to the new residence
  • Unpacking of belongings and setting up the new residence
Preparation of Home for Sale: Pre-Selling Services
  • Pre-Selling: Painting, cleaning, repair of any deficiencies, out-door cleanup/repair as required.
  • Manage any outside contractors required to perform jobs
  • Have home completely ready for sale, price established, and brought to market.
  • Complete sales management from listing through to the closing of the transaction.

All of our services are available to out-of-town clients as well; To those needing Caring, Compassionate and Comprehensive Service.

Estates & Professionals

At BoomerConnect, we provide complete estate liquidation services, serving the needs of clients and professionals alike. Whether you live locally or not, we will provide you a compassionate, caring and complete service, delivered with the utmost professionalism. Our services include:

  • Working with you to determine the most appropriate method of disposing of the contents of a home, whether it be donation, sale or discard
  • Complete pre-listing services to have the home ready for sale: painting, repair, cleaning, staging
  • Manage complete listing and selling process with a view to providing a complete, seamless and worry free service to our clients

BoomerConnect will take the work and worry away, and manage this process in a timely and efficient manner. Call or email us today.

Estates & Families

We often believe that important decisions regarding the disposition of an estate is far down the road, but too often circumstances change unexpectedly. When faced with sudden decisions, families often do not know where to turn in finding help to manage the complete liquidation of the contents of a home, and finally the sale of the home itself. That is where we will help, by visiting with family members and deciding on a complete disposition program to manage the process in a caring, thoughtful, and worry free way, including:

  • Complete cataloging of house contents including pictures of all items
  • Determination of which contents will be taken by the family
  • Deciding on which contents will be donated, sold, or discarded
  • Packaging and labeling of all items and arrange for delivery
  • Arrange items for sale and manage the process, whether it be through consignment or auction
  • Complete removal of unwanted items and delivery to donation site or disposal by us
  • Home staging services
  • Interior and exterior cleaning and preparation for sale of the home

If your Senior loved one is moving to a new residence we can help with the following:?

  • Locating a new residence, whether it be another private residence or a retirement living arrangement
  • Once located, we help you determine which contents of the existing home will fit with the new place
  • Arrange for and manage the complete moving process, and have the new residence “Move-In Ready”

At BoomerConnect, our goal is to provide help to you to the degree you feel is needed. We do this with care, compassion and the utmost professionalism.